3:12 PM
We are advocates of the Oxford Comma and Canadian/British spelling, using The Oxford Dictionary of English as our dictionary of choice.

We generally prefer 'our' spelling over 'or'
(colour rather than color)

We don't place spaces after n-dashes (text—text)

We capitalize all words in the titles of books, broadcast programs, films, plays, poems, songs, speeches, works of art, and other compositions, except for articles (such as "an" or "the").

We italicize the names of television shows, films, magazines, newspapers, albums, books, plays, paintings, and long poems.

Title of stories, songs, articles, TV shows episodes, and shorter poems are put within quotations, not italics, to show they are part of the larger whole.

Most often, we will choose to place occurrences of inner dialogue in italics.

See our full style guide (coming soon)

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