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I've known some gifted graphic artists in my time but the multi-talented Alanna Rusnak is outstanding! Her creative skills and innate design sensibility, coupled with her ability to read the client's mind, allow her to create eye-catching work with startling care. Everything she does is beautiful! —Geraldine MacDonald, scientific translator and published author

It would be beautiful if your work—your words—could speak for themselves. You've poured your heart and soul into creating something you're really proud of and now you're ready to share it with a world that is, unfortunately, driven to purchase through flashy images and attention-grabbing advertising.

Good design is essential to catching the eye of your potential market. Studies proves that between text and images, it is images that draw attention, and at Alanna Rusnak Publishing we are dedicated to helping you present your project to the world in the best light possible.

Using high quality images and fonts, and with sensitivity to your personal vision, we can craft the perfect design to represent you and your book.

On top of cover design, we also offer simple logo and ad design, as well as a social media promotions package (coming soon) that will set you up with eye-catching cover photos to entice people to buy your book.


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