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The Church in the Wildwood by Alanna Rusnak
ISBN 13: 978-0-9921255-5-4
Upcoming Release - May 8, 2018

When fifteen-year-old Joseph Carver peels back the layers of a haunted past, he finds himself lost in the shadows of his mother's unorthodox religion; desperate to uncover the truth about his father's death and the sister he never met — learning that sometimes, it is only through great loss that you can finally let go and begin to understand your own story.

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Blank Spaces 0104 - ISSN 2371-3917
Upcoming release - June, 2017

Blank Spaces 0201 - ISSN 2371-3917
Anniversary Issue
Upcoming release - September, 2017 (still open to Canadian submissions)

Blank Spaces 0202 - ISSN 2371-3917
Upcoming release - December, 2017 (still open to Canadian submissions)

Blank Spaces 0203 - ISSN 2371-3917
Upcoming release - March, 2018 (still open to Canadian submissions)
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