by - Tuesday, May 3, 2016

- a five part short story -

...a very pleasurable dirty little secret —Amazon reviewer

published for Kindle on May 3, 2016

When Elizabeth Grace must rise to the calling of a bridesmaid's duty, she finds herself trapped in Suite 17 with the groomsmen, an object of desire to the inebriated fiancé of her best friend, Morgan. Her only means of escape is to shut herself into the closet with hopes she'll be forgotten in the throes of the rowdy bachelor party. Unexpectedly, she realizes she is not alone but huddled in the dark with a stranger—a man with a soft voice; smoky, fluid, and kind. The night does not being the way she expected, nor does it end in a way she would have ever dreamed. Will she remain hidden? Will she be honest with Morgan about the behaviour of her fiancé, Peter? And who is the mystery man, comforting her in the darkness.

Could the worst moment of her life become a dizzying and powerful romance?

It will take less than twenty-four hours for her to find out.

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Kissing Johnny

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