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Alanna Rusnak

With over fifteen years of design experience, powerful understanding of publishing technology, a passionate love for stories, and a desire to make dreams come true, she is your advocate, mentor, friend, and cheerleader and she can’t wait to help you bring your book into the light. WHY IN THE WORLD DO YOU NEED ALANNA RUSNAK PUBLISHING?

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Professional Skills

Alanna is a skilled communicator, with a keen ability to interpret a client's vision. She is accomplished in the Adobe Creative Suite and strives for perfection in every project she takes on. Her comfort with current publishing technology and requirements makes her a great partner as you navigate the path to publication. With confidence in graphic design, concept developement, and communication, Alanna will be committed to ensuring you the best possible end result.
Alanna is available to run seminars on Beta-Reading or Living a Recklessly Creative Life. She has also developed a writing program for children called the Writer's Café and can be booked to lead classes of up to 15 children.


Maybe you're just looking for someone to talk things over with. Maybe you need some advice or guidance to tackle this whole publishing thing yourself. Maybe you're considering putting your words out into the world, but aren't quite sure how to make that happen. Alanna would love to sit down with you over a cup of coffee and help you navigate your choices. LEARN MORE


"Alanna is a great beta reader/editor. She has an excellent command of the English language, knows where to add subtle shades to coax out the right moods in your writing, and offers sincere compliments of strong elements. She'd offer great assistance for any stage of your writing journey. ROLLAN WENGERT — AUTHOR OF 'ZAIDE: MOZART'S LOST OPERA" LEARN MORE

Copy Editing

Copy editing ensures that text is correct in terms of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and formatting. It also ensures that the idea the writer wishes to portray is clear and easy to understand, that it is free of error, omission, inconsistency, and repetition. Copy editing should only occur after the author has been through multiple stages of beta reading and rewrites. LEARN MORE

Interior Layout Design

There's much to consider when thinking about what you want the interior of your book to look like: Chapter titles, drop-caps, font size and spacing, etc. Alanna will work with you to create the best possible layout, based on your theme, aesthetic, and personal tastes. LEARN MORE

Cover Design

Do you believe the old advice you can't judge a book by its cover? Think again! Your content could be beautifully written, professionally edited, and expertly laid out but without an attractive cover, readers may overlook your book...and what a shame that would be! Using high quality photography and eye-catching fonts, Alanna can deliver the kind of cover that encourages book sales! LEARN MORE

Full Package

From editing to design to final product, Alanna can take your dream and turn it into something you can hold in your hands! By combining our services into a start-to-finish package, you can save 15% and come away with something you can be proud of. LEARN MORE

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  • Just Words Volume 2 Book Release

    Just Words Volume 2 Book Release


    September 23, 2018 | West Grey, Ontario

    Just Words Continues its Momentum

    The second collection of Blank Spaces essays, stories, and poems is a thing of beauty!

    Celebrating 37 Canadian authors and their work as featured during the first year of Blank Spaces, a literary arts magazine birthed out of small town Ontario. Filled with creative non-fiction, short stories, and poetry, Just Words Volume 2 is a true reflection of the heart, humour, and depth of Canadian creatives; capturing, in its text, the very pulse of Blank Spaces.

    Editor in Chief, Alanna Rusnak, along with her editing partners, Pamela Hopwood and Michelle McLaughlin, have brought this collection together beautifully. Wrapped in the gorgeous colours of Toronto artist, Sharon Barr, the book delivers as much beauty on the outside as its words do inside.

    Officially launched at the Word on the Street Festival at the Toronto, Ontario harbour front, Just Words Volume 2 was met with a warm reception from eager readers, going on to be named the Number Two new release for Canadian Collections on Amazon.
    "This collection of Canadian stories, ideas, and poems offers more than entertainment and memories shared," says one Amazon reader. "It invites you to feel and become part of the diversity and culture that is the Canadian family."

    Just Words Volume 2 is available in paperback from this website, Amazon, Barnes and Nobel, and ARP. Ebooks are available through Kindle.

    Including work by Ilham Alam, Brian C. Austin, Simon Broder, Trisha Causley, Sue Corke, Joy DeVito, Salvatore Difalco, Dawn Edgcumbe, Katerina Eleftheriou, Matthew Eliot, Jennifer Ellis, Sheri Falconer, Anne Lee Guide, Stephanie Karakochuk Hardy, Leslie Hill, Amy Holodinksy, Beverley Hopwood, D. M. Kerr, Tony Kicinski, Larry Kozlof, Jennifer Lavallee, Rachel Laverdiere, Alan MacLeod, Patricia Manale, Cindy Matthews, Gail M. Murray, Jenny Parsons, Olivia Sapp, Nicole Schroeder, Tsara Shelton, Susan Siddeley, Caitlin Thomson, Mitchell Toews, Lori Twining, and Richard Weiser.
  • The Church in the Wildwood Shortlisted for Kobo Emerging Writer Prize

    The Church in the Wildwood Shortlisted for Kobo Emerging Writer Prize

    Fourth Annual Kobo Emerging Writer Prize Shortlist Announced

    Canada’s hottest new books have been selected in three genres: Non-Fiction, Literary Fiction and Mystery.

    Toronto, ON May 1st 2018 – Rakuten Kobo, in search for the best new books written by debut Canadian authors, today announced the shortlist for its fourth annual Emerging Writer Prize. The award was created with the goal of kick-starting the careers of debut authors, with a $10,000 CAD cash prize awarded to a book in each of three categories: Non-Fiction, Literary Fiction, and Genre Fiction (Mystery this year). In addition, each winning author will receive promotional, marketing, and communications support through 2018.

    The 2018 shortlist, selected by Kobo’s team of booksellers and booklovers—with book completion rates, customer ratings and reviews considered—comprises six books from each genre. The shortlist will now move on to the final selection process led by top Canadian authors: Lori Lansens for Literary Fiction, Jay Ingram for Non-Fiction and Linwood Barclay for Mystery. The winners will be announced on the evening of June 19th, 2018.

    Literary Fiction List
    The Church In The Wildwood by Alanna Rusnak - Alanna Rusnak Publishing
    Death and the Intern by Jeremy Hanson-Finger - Invisible Publishing
    American War by Omar El Akkad - McClelland & Stewart
    Uncertain Weights and Measures by Jocelyn Parr - Goose Lane Editions
    The Last Wave by Gillian Best - House of Anansi Press
    Dominion by Shane Arbuthnott - Orca Book Publishers

    See the full list of nominees here.

    Press release provided by Rakuten Kobo - read the full release here.

  • The Ghost of Iris Carver Book Release

    The Ghost of Iris Carver Book Release

    The Ghost of Iris Carver by Alanna RusnakFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

    May 7, 2018 | West Grey, Ontario

    Iris Carver Isn't Going Anywhere

    Award nominated author challenges the fourth wall with this new installment in The Fallmoore Chronicles

    When her debut novel, The Church in the Wildwood, received such a warm reception from readers and fans of her work, Alanna Rusnak felt compelled to dig a little deeper into the story of her favourite character, resulting in a novella that erases the barrier between character and author.  

    The Ghost of Iris Carver is a tender, emotional journey back to the character that enriched the Wildwood narrative. Though readers have proved to be quite polarized in their opinion of the flawed Iris Carver, the consensus is clear that she is not to be overlooked and is, in fact, a stirrer of great conversation and self-reflection.

    With high calibre writing and profound observations, The Ghost of Iris Carver sings from the pages with clever plot twists and the author's passionate love for the art of writing.

    Readers and other writers alike will connect to Rusnak's creation in that divine place of creative souls.

    "If there were ever any doubt in my mind about Alanna Rusnak's extraordinary talent, she has fully eradicated any uncertainty with her latest novella, 'The Ghost of Iris Carver'. Not only was she able to create deeply engaging characters and bring them fully to life on the page, but she was equally capable of expertly placing them into a conceptual labyrinth and conceal them just behind the venerable, sacred, fourth wall. Sorry Margaret (Atwood), move over Madeleine (Thien), shake a leg Miriam (Toews), and so-long-for-now Ann-Marie (MacDonald), Heather (O'Neill), and Elizabeth (Hay). I have a new favourite Canadian author and she's one to watch."

    —Geraldine MacDonald (medical translator, writer, published author) 
    Officially launched at the Neustadt Craft Fair on May 5, 2018 in Neustadt, Ontario, The Ghost of Iris Carver is making quick work of haunting its readers, rooting within them an almost desperate need for the next installment in Rusnak's Fallmoore Chronicles, which is in the works for a Spring 2019 release.

    Copies are available through this website, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo.

  • ARP in the pages of 'KAMLOOPS THIS WEEK'

    ARP in the pages of 'KAMLOOPS THIS WEEK'

    KAMLOOPS THIS WEEK (March 30, 2018 - page 27) printed a little blurb on the release of Hannibal Lecture's book, Arguments with Mortality. And while they properly attributed publication to ARP, they went on to contribute a lot of quotes to Alanna, which were things she did not say (though doesn't disagree with). The quotes were taken from Hannibal's bio and the back cover copy of the book.

    We're thrilled to see the success Hannibal is finding with his debut poetry collection and are proud to be part of his journey! Grab a copy for yourself by click through the Amazon link below.





    March 15, 2018 | Kamloops, British Columbia

    A Powerful Poetic Achievement

    Hannibal Lecture’s debut collection of 55 poems is bold and powerful. A poet of the streets, it is impossible to consume his words without hearing the rumble of the people who gather around him as he recites on corners outside the clubs near his home in British Columbia. Addiction, relationships, politics, Hannibal addresses it all with rhythmic passion within this humble volume. 

    Hannibal is a prolific and fast-rising young, Canadian poet. He cut his teeth writing and reading for those late-night/early-morning, pill-popping drunks who hung around his old pad—but has since found a larger audience, taking his writing online. In so doing, Hannibal has come to the attention of thousands of new fans—including acclaimed, printed publications; and has even drawn the eye of several of his own musical and literary heroes. Drawing inspiration from real life—whether it be those rare and covetous joyous moments, the absurdities of inane convention, or the harrowing ordeals that plague the human condition—Lecture speaks to all these, and is thus a renewing force; bringing interest and credibility back to a noble medium, now seemingly relegated to haunted, dusty old shelves of stale libraries. In spite of his success and ascent through the highly competitive, dime-a-dozen, Thunderdome of professional writing, this young poet from British Columbia retains a strong sense of humility and self-awareness, evident in his prose—in poems that speak directly to the readers, no matter whom; for Hannibal Lecture is a poet of the streets, inspired by those people he observes there.

    Arguments With Mortality is available in paperback from Amazon, and Barnes and Noble (coming soon). Ebooks are available through Kindle.

    Add AWM to your Goodreads bookshelf 

    Arguments With Mortality

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