• The Ghost of Iris Carver Book Release

    The Ghost of Iris Carver by Alanna RusnakFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

    May 7, 2018 | West Grey, Ontario

    Iris Carver Isn't Going Anywhere

    Award nominated author challenges the fourth wall with this new installment in The Fallmoore Chronicles

    When her debut novel, The Church in the Wildwood, received such a warm reception from readers and fans of her work, Alanna Rusnak felt compelled to dig a little deeper into the story of her favourite character, resulting in a novella that erases the barrier between character and author.  

    The Ghost of Iris Carver is a tender, emotional journey back to the character that enriched the Wildwood narrative. Though readers have proved to be quite polarized in their opinion of the flawed Iris Carver, the consensus is clear that she is not to be overlooked and is, in fact, a stirrer of great conversation and self-reflection.

    With high calibre writing and profound observations, The Ghost of Iris Carver sings from the pages with clever plot twists and the author's passionate love for the art of writing.

    Readers and other writers alike will connect to Rusnak's creation in that divine place of creative souls.

    "If there were ever any doubt in my mind about Alanna Rusnak's extraordinary talent, she has fully eradicated any uncertainty with her latest novella, 'The Ghost of Iris Carver'. Not only was she able to create deeply engaging characters and bring them fully to life on the page, but she was equally capable of expertly placing them into a conceptual labyrinth and conceal them just behind the venerable, sacred, fourth wall. Sorry Margaret (Atwood), move over Madeleine (Thien), shake a leg Miriam (Toews), and so-long-for-now Ann-Marie (MacDonald), Heather (O'Neill), and Elizabeth (Hay). I have a new favourite Canadian author and she's one to watch."

    —Geraldine MacDonald (medical translator, writer, published author) 
    Officially launched at the Neustadt Craft Fair on May 5, 2018 in Neustadt, Ontario, The Ghost of Iris Carver is making quick work of haunting its readers, rooting within them an almost desperate need for the next installment in Rusnak's Fallmoore Chronicles, which is in the works for a Spring 2019 release.

    Copies are available through this website, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo.


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