$100 CAN up to 50,000 words - after which $0.005/word

    Alanna is a great beta reader/editor. She has an excellent command of the English language, knows where to add subtle shades to coax out the right moods in your writing, and offers sincere compliments of strong elements. She suggested that I add a scene. At first, I didn't want to, but the more I chewed on it the more I realized she was right. She'd offer great assistance for any stage of your writing journey. ROLLAN WENGERT — AUTHOR OF 'ZAIDE: MOZART'S LOST OPERA

    If the writer is the 'alpha', then the early reader is the 'beta'.

    A writer pours out story to a point of being too close — to a point of not being able to see the flaws. This is why beta readers are integral to the outcome of a finished piece of writing — they see the weaknesses a writer is too close to recognize.

    As a beta reader, I will read your manuscript with the purpose of critiquing the story and emotion. I will pay special attention to character development, pacing, plot, and consistency.

    I won't worry about things like spelling and grammar—though I will make notes if I find glaring mistakes—I'm much more interested in my emotional response to the story and whether or not you've written something that might resonate with an audience from start to finish.

    Beta readers have the privilege of influencing the version that will go to print and I will approach each reading knowing that this is NOT the final version.

    I will be kind. But I will also be ruthless because without full honesty your project may never reach its full potential.


      On top of attention to such overall things as characters, pacing, plot, and consistency, I can also watch and note the following:
      1. parts/scenes that feel unnecessary, that are too obvious to be stated or don't lead anywhere (everything should inform the story...anything else is just taking up space)
      2. glaring mistake (spelling/grammar, etc.)
      3. any questions that arise
      4. clich├ęs
      5. consistent tone
      6. repetition (of information, words, phrases)
      7. plot discrepancies

      I have designed a score sheet that will guide me through the process of reading your work, designed to clearly show where you should consider spending more time in your project before moving on to the next steps.

      For a full look at my Beta Score Sheet, click here.

      When accepted, you will be sent an invoice for the amount due based on word count. Total is due upon receipt after which request will be sent for a PDF version of your manuscript.

      Turn-over time depends entirely on length and current work load—this can be negotiated before any payment is made.


      Answer a few questions and we'll get back to you as soon as we can with a quote for your desired services. [COMING SOON]


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      $100 CAN up to 50,000 words - after which $0.005/word LEARN MORE

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