1. Within the first few pages, was I compelled to continue reading?
  2. Does the story begin with an interesting hook? Were questions raised I wanted answers to? Was a sense of mystery created?
  3. Was information revealed in a non-obtrusive way? Did things like backstory fit organically (as opposed to information dumps?)
  4. Were setting well developed and described clearly? Could I picture the story as it unfolded?
  5. Was there enough conflict?
  6. Was conflict resolved in a believable manner?
  7. Were there any moment that could have used more tension? —If yes, explain.
  8. Did any parts of the story lag? —If yes, where?
  9. Did I skip over any se actions? —If yes, when & why?
  10. Were there enough/satisfying plot twists and/or surprises?
  11. Were plot twists believable yet unexpected?
  12. Was the ending satisfying? —If not, explain.
  13. Were all my questions answered? —If no, explain.


  1. Was each character unique?
  2. Are the characters anchored to their scene (surrounding) —especially while they they? (no floating heads - do I know where they are?)
  3. Does each character have realistic motivations, reactions, and desires?
  4. Was there a character that I loved?
  5. Was there a character that I hated? (or loved to hate?)
  6. Did I feel an emotional connection to any particular character? Why? And why did they resonate with me?
  7. Were character relationships believable?
  8. Did I find myself rooting for at least one character? Who?


  1. Was the point of view clear and consistent?
  2. Were chapter breaks appropriate/well placed?
  3. Did the story remain true to its time (in history/setting)
  4. Do details enhance rather than distract from the story?
  5. Does the dialogue feel natural—not forced?


  1. Did I connect emotionally to the story as a whole?
  2. Does the book deliver on the promised of its premise and opening scenes?
  3. What surprised me?
  4. What was my overall impression? —Explain


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