What kind of books will you publish/work with?We are open to all kinds, so never hesitate to query us, but we are more inclined to take on fiction projects.

    How can I make the best of my experience with ARP?
    Have a vision! We can’t help you appropriately if you don’t know what you want. Don’t know your vision? Walking through this check list [coming soon!] with your project before you contact us will lead to a smoother experience and a happier outcome.

    Do I really need to hire a designer?
    That depends. If you’re fluent in design, have a keen eye for aesthetics, and are comfortable navigating the requirements for print then you shouldn’t have any trouble doing your own design work. But if you lack experience or don’t have access to good design programs, the quality of your book will suffer. A designer takes the load off your back and turns your vision into something real…something you can be proud of.

    Why is a Kindle cover so much cheaper than a Print cover?
    Simply put, a Kindle cover is an easier project and requires less time to complete. A print cover requires a front, a back, and a spine all designed to specifications based on the number of pages in your book.

    How long does the process take?
    This generally depends on the length of your book, how full our calendar is, and what you’re hiring us to do. We understand that you’re eager to get your story out into the world and we will do our best to work within your timeline, however priority requests will be subject to a 10% increase, and only if we aren’t over-booked.

    Do I maintain the rights to my work?
    Yes! ARP assumes no rights to anything we work on or publish. Sole rights belong to the original author(s).

    Can I use ARP services but choose not to publish under the ARP name?
    Of course you can! The files are yours to do with as you please. All we ask is that due credit is given. Please credit editing and cover art accordingly.

    Do I have to include ARP branding on my book?
    Only if you publish through us. (Publishing means that ARP controls your print orders and lists your title on Amazon.) If you choose to take your files elsewhere, you are not obligated to maintain the branding but please inform us BEFORE any cover design begins. Changes required after the job has been agreed upon will be subject to further charges.

    Do I have to use an ARP ISBN?
    Certainly not. If you have purchased an ISBN that’s already assigned to your title, we’d be happy to use it and waive the ISBN fee from our publishing package.

    I’ve done my own editing/interior layout/cover design but I need help with the actual publishing process. Can ARP be my publisher?
Unfortunately, no. We hold ourselves to a high standard of quality, and while your work might be pristine, we cannot, in good conscience, put our name on it and list it among our titles if we did not do the work. We are, however, available for publishing consultations in which we can coach you through the process.

    How are royalties paid?
    Any royalties generated from sales of your book through Amazon or the ARP website will be paid out quarterly (January, April, July, October) through PayPal or EFT unless other arrangements have been made.

    What print company do you use?
    We work with Amazon’s CreateSpace to produce high quality trade paperbacks (5x8 or 6x9) on a print-on-demand basis, bringing you higher royalties and wide distribution potential.

    If I decide to publish with ARP, what can I expect?
    Once we receive your request for services we will craft a timeline proposal in which we present deadlines for each service and installment due dates based on an agreed upon release date. If you agree with the suggested proposal, we will then send you a publishing contract that must be signed before work can begin. An initial deposit will also be expected before the onset of work - this will be laid out in the original timeline proposal.


    Answer a few questions and we'll get back to you as soon as we can with a quote for your desired services. [COMING SOON]


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    Copy Editing

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    Interior Layout Design

    Print interior $210; Kindle Formatting $100; Print + Kindle $245 LEARN MORE

    Cover Design

    Cover for Print Book $210 (includes two changes); Cover for Kindle Book $79 (includes two changes) LEARN MORE

    Full Package

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