Hannibal Lecture

Hannibal Lecture | JUST WORDS VOLUME 1 | Arguments With Mortality

Just Words Volume 1

Hannibal is a prolific and fast-rising young, Canadian poet. He cut his teeth writing and reaching for those late-night/early-morning, pill-popping drunks who hung around his old pad—but has since found a larger audience, taking his writing online. In so doing, Hannibal has come to the attention of thousands of new fans—including acclaimed, printed publications; and has even drawn the eye of several of his own musical and literary heroes. Drawing inspiration from real life—whether it be those rare and covetous joyous moments, the absurdities of inane convention, or the harrowing ordeals that plague the human condition—Lecture speaks to all these, and is thus a renewing force; bringing interest and credibility back to a noble medium, now seemingly relegated to haunted, dusty old shelves of stale libraries. In spite of his success and ascent through the highly competitive, dime-a-dozen, Thunderdome of professional writing, this young poet from British Columbia retains a strong sense of humility and self-awareness, evident in his prose—in poems that speak directly to the readers, no matter whom; for Hannibal Lecture is a poet of the streets, inspired by those people he observes there. You can keep up with his musings and misadventures on Instagram @hannibal.lecture

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