"I worked with Alanna on my latest novel and having her eyes and brain at my disposal really helped it turn out to be something special. Not only is she an absolute joy to work with, but she's a remarkably talented author and well-read reader, so she approaches her work with a strong combination of backgrounds. Ever since working with her, she's become one of my most trusted confidants when it comes to writing and at this point I couldn't imagine my writing career without her." —William F. Aicher, author of 'A Confession'



    From editing to design to final product, we can take your dream and turn it into something you can hold in your hands! By combining our services into a start-to-finish package, you can save some money and come away with something you can be proud of.

    With the assumption that you've complete the process of beta-readers, and have your manuscript at a place where you are confident to launch it into the world...

    you will save 15% off all regular prices if purchased in a package.


         * copy editing - penny a word less 15% = $0.0085/word     
         * interior design/layout - $210 less 15% = $178.50     
         * ISBN - $20     
         * cover design - $210 less $15% = $178.50     
         * Amazon listing - included     
         * one printed proof for final approval - included     
         * any additional proofs - $19/each
         * add Kindle for an extra $35
         * add Kobo for an extra $35 (gets you on the Chapters/Indigo website and opportunity to make your book available to Libraries on the Overdrive Media App) 

    A 60,000 word novel would cost $887.00


         * Copy Editing - 3 weeks     
         * Interior Design/Layout - 2 weeks     
         * Cover Design - 2 week     
         * Proof Print - 2 weeks     
         * Amazon Listing - within 48 hours of proof approval     

    Timeline depends on other current projects.

    Payments can be make in one lump sum or four separate payments, in which case the timeline depends on payment. Invoices will not show the savings of 15% until the final installment:

    1. Invoice 1 (Copy Editing based on a 60,000 word novel) = $260
    2. Invoice 2 (Interior Design/Layout) = $260
    3. Invoice 3 (Cover Design) = $260
    4. Final Invoice (Printed Proof & Publication)= $107

    Work in each section will not begin until payment has been cleared.

    You will have the opportunity to purchase Advance Reader Copies before your publication date as a way to collect reviews. These will be available to you at cost* (+ $6 service fee)

    At any point following publication, copies will be available to you at cost (+ $6 service fee) - you need only contact us with how many you'd like and we'll forward you an invoice. There is no minimum order and no limit to how many times you place an order. Shipping usually takes 2-3 weeks.

    As the author, it will be up to you to decide the price-point of your book but we are happy to advise you in this area. 

    Any royalties generated from the sales of your book will be paid out quarterly (March, June, September, December) through PayPal or EFT unless other arrangement have been made. You will be emailed a royalty report at the same time.

    Alanna Rusnak Publishing cannot guarantee the sale of your book. ARP is not a marketing company or a distributor. We will post a Book Release announcement here on our website, within our newsletter, and across our social media networks. We do not arrange launch parties, book signings, lecture spots, library distribution, appearances, contest entries, etc. 

    All customers must sign a publication contract (to be sent to you after initial timeline proposal has been agreed upon) before any work can begin.

    *cost is the price of printing/binding/shipping

    All prices are in Canadian funds


    Answer a few questions and we'll get back to you as soon as we can with a quote for your desired services. [COMING SOON]

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    $65 LEARN MORE


    $100 CAN up to 50,000 words - after which $0.005/word LEARN MORE

    Copy Editing

    $0.01/word LEARN MORE

    Interior Layout Design

    Print interior $210; Kindle Formatting $100; Print + Kindle $245 LEARN MORE

    Cover Design

    Cover for Print Book $210 (includes two changes); Cover for Kindle Book $79 (includes two changes) LEARN MORE

    Full Package

    Save 15% off all regular prices if purchased in a package. LEARN MORE



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